Freight Cost Analysis


Are you looking for ways to reduce freight costs and maximize your profits within your company?  Research shows that freight costs typically account for 10% of a business’s expenses.  Station Park Logistics provides a confidential freight cost analysis at no charge, with no contract, and no commitment.  We have the expertise to provide a detailed analysis of your companies’ current freight costs that will offer you information for future opportunities and potential cost savings and improved service levels.   At SPL, we want to support your business to run more efficiently with increased profitability.

Our freight cost analysis includes the following steps:

  • Provide us information on your current freight costs and methods of transportation.
  • We will review your information and offer a comparison of freight costs with Station Park Logistics. 
  • We will also provide you feedback on methods to increase the efficiency of your freight process and opportunities for cost-savings (i.e. Identify carrier routing management issues, freight misclassifications).  We factor in your goals for service, transit time, and freight costs.

We want to help enhance your company by providing you opportunities for future cost-saving and efficiencies.  Reduce your freight costs and start saving with Station Park Logistics today.